Executive Committee Meeting Schedule

Routine meetings of the Executive Committee are held at Hinchingbrooke Police HQ.   The  meetings are normally held quarterly in January, April, July and October but dates may vary according to the influence of other events.

In the event you are requested asked to attend any of these meetings, you can view maps of the location by using “Mouseover”  Useful Info on the Main Menu and Click on the Hinchingbrooke Park (Zoom) Map.   The Police HQ and route are shown with blue arrows.   Meetings usually commence at 6.30pm and run for about 2 hrs.
We hold a combined Annual Conference and AGM for all NHW Members (usually in October) at the Hinchingbrooke Police HQ.    Details of the agenda, special speakers  and any papers to be presented are published on the Home page of this web-site some weeks before the Conference and are notified to NHW Coordinators by email.   Past meeting minutes can be viewed by mouse-over the Main Menu and under About Us on the dropdown menu