We are pleased to introduce you to a new booklet designed by Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (England & Wales).  In the booklet you will find a number of very useful tips on everyday issues and with advice on how to protect yourself and “Stay Safe”.

Click Here   to view the booklet on a separate screen page.
When viewing – navigation is reasonably intuitive.   To move through the pages singly click your mouse cursor at top, centre or bottom right / left of each page.    To alternate zoom in / zoom out, click on any part of the page itself.  Navigation fast forward or backward tabs are visible at the bottom of the screen.

It is possible to download a copy of the booklet to save as a file (click on tag at bottom right of screen).    From this file you will be able to select the whole booklet for printing (36 pages !) or perhaps smaller extracts of text to support your work as a Coordinator, e.g. for use in village newsletters.

Home Security  pg 4
Garden Security  pg 6
Fire Safety pg 8
Vehicle Security   pg 14
Doorstep Crime & Bogus Callers  pg 16
Over the Telephone  pg 18
Fraud & Identity Theft  pg 22
Online Safety pg 25
Personal Safety pg 28
Quick Reference  pg 32
About Neighbourhood & Home Watch  pg 34