The New Neighbourhood Alert Messaging System

The new Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Alert Scheme uses the Neighbourhood Alert software platform which is the official database for Neighbourhood Watch via the Home Office recognised ‘Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (England and Wales)’.
You can find out more information about this organisation at and contact them on .

The reasons justifying the change to the new system were manifold, not least of which was the need to replace the cumbersome storage of NHW data on MS Excel worksheets with messaging sent out by using heavily compiled and time-consuming email address lists.    The Constabulary has in the recent months considerably enhanced the amount and content of its messaging to NHW and will continue to do so in order that we work together effectively to keep our communities safe.    However, the Constabulary is facing on-going restrictions from reduced finances and at the same time is endeavouring to enhance its engagement with the community.    Cambridgeshire NHW too has grown significantly over the last two years and now urgently needs an effective and user-friendly data and messaging system, to be used alongside and jointly with the Constabulary.  There will be an immediate benefit for newly formed groups in that there will no longer be a requirement to fill out and post paper forms. New registrations of Coordinators will be conducted on-line and, initially the Coordinator will be listed as “awaiting approval”.  Once the police have done their normal checks the Coordinators will then be shown as “All Approved”.    Access to data maps for Coordinators will enable them to identify and make contact with other groups in their neighbourhood.