NW Street Signs, Window Stickers, and Access to Members’ Guide

See new guidance instructions  (September 2021) for obtaining authorisation; planning, siting and  installation, purchasing from Cambs NW, and continued maintenance of NW Street Signs.

Click Here to view the Guidance Instructions  guide-for-nw-street-sign-r4 

NOTE : During the erection and maintenance of NHW Street Signs, NHW Members are covered by our Public Liability Insurance Policy (Click Here ).

( supply is to be restricted to Members of approved and formally registered NHW Schemes)

Currently, your County Association (Cambs NHW Executive Committee) has a stock of window stickers.   It has been agreed that their supply to Coordinators should be controlled and managed effectively and that window stickers should not be handed out randomly to the public in general e.g. at village meetings, fetes and similar events.   

As a general rule window stickers will be offered to new Coordinators on request with quantities matched to the size of their new street schemes.    Coordinators may apply for renewals and top up quantities as their Schemes expand or new  residents move in and as appropriate for maintaining clear and tidy window display of their NHW Street  Scheme.

Orders for window stickers is being reviewed but at present they can be made by emailing us using the contact form.

NW Members’ Guide
To access and download a copy Click here  Members- Guide  

WE ARE NOT BUYING IT STICKERS  (or stickers with similar texts) to contact Trading Standards phone Cambridgeshire Consumer Advice on  08454 040506.

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